Sizes #6 Colorado, #5 Indiana, #4 Willow
Sold in 3 count package

Size 4 Colorado: here
Size 4 Colorado deep cup: here
Size 5 Colorado: here
Size 5 Colorado deep cup: here

Blade size chart: here

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Premium custom painted front and back blades.

Some variations in blade style and color may occur. (Page 5-6 of our 2018 catalog) Pictures are for color selection only.
Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Any metal-based product may expose you to chemicals including nickel, lead and/or DINP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in
Blade size

Colorado 6, Indiana 5, Willow 4

Prem Custom Paint Back

BL200a firetiger, BLC12 green heaven, BLC16 purple plum, BLN88a purple double dutch, BLN94 watermelon anti, BLN96 mixed berries, BLN102 antifreeze, BLN105 purple freeze, BLN124a purple muffin, BLN129a grape ape, BLN134a tiger claw, BLN142a paralyzer, BLN147 salamander, BLN154 bubblyzer, BLN166a measles, BLN168 poison koolaid, BLN169 fuchsia flu, BLN169a fuchsia flu, BLN186 cream sicle, BLN187 limendrop, BLN188 perch anti, BLN190a fuchsia flash, BLN191 purple panties, BLN196 sunspots, BLN197 tutti fruity, BLN197a tutti fruity, BLN198 psycho tiger, BLN199 toucan parrot, BLN200 pink with envy, BLN207 diggin up worms, BLN208 fruit loops, BLN209 red overcast, BLN210 purple passion, BLN211 bowling a spare, BLN212 grapefruit, BLN213 pissed hooker, BLN214 barbie doll, BLN215 dont bug me, BLN216 superman anti, BLN217 got perch, BLN218 hangover pox, BLN219 pink tiger, BLN220 kevorkian measles, BLN221 frozen barbie, BLN222 midnight confusion, BLN224 decepticon leader, BLN225 reverse perch, BLN226 grape ape measles, BLN234 frozen bubbles, BLN235 mixed veggies, BLN236a bachelor button, BLN236p bachelor button, BLN237 almost midnight, BLN240 pink flesh melon, BLN248 fishing rainbow, BLN254 ft claw, BLN255 bb special, BLN258 hot rod


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