Available in sizes
small – 5/8″ – good for walleye & panfish
large – 1 1/4″ – good for trout, salmon, and kokanee
x-large – 2″ – good for trout, salmon, kokanee, halibut, cod, flounder
Price is for 1 Spin-N-Glo body

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The Spin-N-Glo is a buoyant, noise producing spinner that can be rigged alone or in combination with bait and catch nearly any fish species that swims. The Spin-N-Glo can be trolled, drifted or still fished where river or tidal current will make it spin. The Spin-N-Glo is a favorite trolling lure (sometimes used in combination with a dodger, rotating flasher or Fish Flash) for trout, salmon and kokanee. Walleye anglers use the Spin-N-Glo in place of traditional metal spinner blades when trolling and often combine it with leech or worm. River anglers use the Spin-N-Glo when drifting or still fishing. Panfish anglers slow drift the small Spin-N-Glo in combination with bait. Saltwater anglers use Spin-N-Glo to add color, action, vibration and buoyancy to bait when targeting halibut, cod, flounder, sea bass and more.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A
Spin n glo size

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Spin n Glo color

Blue Glow Flame Tiger BGFT-GL, Black/Chartreuse Glitter BSCF-MY, Clown CL-MY, Watermelon CWTM-MY, UV Blue DTUB-MY, UV Green DTUG-GL, UV Glow DTUL-MY, UV Pink Tiger DTUP-MP, Chartreuse FLC-MY, Chartreuse/Orange FLCH-MC, Firetiger FRT-MY, Chartreuse Killer GBCS-MY, Lime Tiger Pink Head LTPT-MC, Green Glow LUGR-GL, Glow in the Dark LUM-MY, Pink Glow LUPK-GL, Glow/Red Slant LUSL-MY, Glow with red spots LUSP-MY, Antifreeze MCHR-MY, Metallic Gold MGLD-MY, Metallic Green MGRN-MY, Metallic Purple/Chartreuse Tiger MPCT-MY, Metallic Purple/Pink tiger MPPT-MP, Metallic Silver Green Pirate MSGP-MY, Metallic Silver Blue Pirate MSBP-MY, Nickel Plate NP-MY, Red Hot Tiger RHT-MY


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