Custom painted nickel base
Sold in 4 Count package
Blade size chart: here

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Custom painted spinner blades. Great addition to the tackle box for making your own lures. Made in USA.
Pictures for color selection only. Some variations in blade style and color may occur.  (Pages 9-12 of our 2018 catalog)
Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Any metal-based product may expose you to chemicals including nickel, lead and/or DINP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Blade size

Colorado 0, Colorado 3, Colorado 4, Colorado 5, Colorado 6, Colorado 8, Indiana 4, Indiana 5, Indiana 6, Willow 4, Tomahawk 5, Tomahawk 6

Basic Nickel Blade colors

N1 Chartreuse/Green Dragonfly, N2 Yellow Goby, N4 Chartreuse/Orange Dash, N5 Chartreuse/Orange Dragonfly, N18 Pastel Wonderbread, N19 Blueberry Muffin, N20 Tan Mayfly, N21 Bluegill, N22 Glow Watermelon, N23 Plum Passion, N25 Kevorkian, N26 Natural Perch, N27 Forest Gump Claw, N31 Glow Chartreuse Watermelon, N32 Glow Emerald Shiner, N40 Glow Clown, N41 Glow Ghost, N44 Glow Lemontail, N45 Black Shiner, N57 Seedless Watermelon, N58 Red Double Dutch, N62 Purple/Chartreuse Dolphin, N63 Purple Bubble Gum, N66 Glow Barbie Clown, N67 Rainbow Dragonfly, N68 Redhead Wonder, N71 Reverse Muffin, N80 Emerald Shiner, N104 Blue/Green Dolphin, N106 Black/Purple Dolphin, N107 Orange/Blue Dolphin, N110 Glow Perch, N111 Glow Blue Bubbles, N112 Metallic Purple Perch, N113 Purple PIrate, N115 Glow Purple Perch, N116 Glow Purple Roadkill, N117 Happy Hooker, N130 Pink Claw, N131 Pink Squirrel, N134 Tiger Claw, N137 Glow Easter Eggs, N140 Slippery Clown, N142 Paralyzer, N146 Cat/Dog, N148 Pink/Blue Dolphin, N151 Bright Wonder, N157 Green Frog, N160 Spotted Trout, N161 Purple Haze, N162 Nascar, N175 Chartreuse Saber, N177 Black/Red Dolphin, N179 Purple/Blue Dolphin, N183 Purple/Pink Combover, N185 Granny Smith, N189 Rippening Berries, N190 Fuchsia Flash, N193 Glow Bengal Tiger, N203 Calm Before Storm, N204 Keylargo, N227 Pastel Muffin, N228 Blackhead Wonder, N229 Glow Frog, N230 Emerald Shad Tape, N242 Pearl Yellowtail, N244 Northern Lights, N245 Taped Nickel Confusion, 144 Chartreuse Fish On, 146 Sharp Dressed, 202 Rainbow Trout, 204 Original Wonder, C1 Ghost Tiger, C2 Chartreuse Watermelon, C3 Chartreuse/Orange Pox, C4 Chartreuse Rainbow Claw, C6 Orange/Black Pox, C9 Orange/Pink Berry, N256 Reverse Bruiser


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