Bandit Body Baits

All custom painted UV
Stock size: Walleye Deep: 5/8 oz (4 3/4″)
Price is for one item
Sold with split rings and hooks attached

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Good for planner board trolling, casting, and down-rigger fishing in up to 27 feet of water. Great for multi-species of fish. Some variation of color may occur.
On the other hand, Walleye spoons: here

WARNING: Any metal-based product may expose you to chemicals including nickel, lead and/or DINP. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment shows these products to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Additional information

Body bait colors

CBB-b-97 chartreuse killer, CBB-b-C2 chartreuse watermelon, CBB-b-C17 purple/pink hangover, CBB-b-N19 blueberry muffin, CBB-b-N20 tan mayfly, CBB-b-N33 silver confusion, CBB-b-N88 purple double dutch, CBB-b-N94 watermelon anti, CBB-b-N102 antifreeze, CBB-b-N111 glow blue bubbles, CBB-b-N131 pink squirrel, CBB-b-N146 cat/dog, CBB-b-N165 D shiner, CBB-b-N168 poison koolaid, CBB-b-N185 granny smith, CBB-b-N186 creamsicle, CBB-b-N188 perch anti, CBB-b-N190 fuchsia flash, CBB-b-N193 bengal tiger, CBB-b-N194 black cherry, CBB-b-N196 sunspots, CBB-b-N200 pink w/ envy, CBB-b-N205 here fishy, CBB-b-N208 fruit loops, CBB-b-N220 kevorkian measles, CBB-b-N238 blue clown, CBB-b-N239 purple squirrel, CBB-b-N240 pink flesh melon, CBB-b-B1 red tiger, CBB-b-B2 purple canary, CBB-b-B3 copper/purple tiger, CBB-b-B4(N256) reverse bruiser, CBB-b-B5 special ops, CBB-b-B6 orange perch, CBB-b-B7 green perch, CBB-b-B8 yellow perch, CBB-b-B9B10 dominator, CBB-b-B11B12 fruit juice, CBB-b-B13 pearl streeker, CBB-b-B14 undercover, CBB-b-B15 fruity tiger, CBB-b-B16 beetle, CBB-b-B17B21 bloody lemonade, CBB-b-B18 moldy muffin, CBB-b-B19 blackhead beetle, CBB-b-B20 bloody dominator, CBB-b-B22 huff daddy, CBB-b-15lb chartreuse w/ ladderback, CBB-b-N68 redhead wonder, CBB-b-N71 reverse muffin, CBB-b-N116 glow purple roadkill, CBB-b-N187 limendrop, CBB-b-N207 diggin up worms, CBB-b-N221 frozen barbie, CBB-b-N222 midnight confusion, CBB-b-N268 glow toad freckles, CBB-b-N281 potato bread, CBB-b-N288 pimp daddy, CBB-b-C2blu blue watermelon, CBB-b-albino frog, CBB-b-blue demon, CBB-b-brown trout, CBB-b-eerie demon


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