Walleye Spoons (silver, copper, and painted backs)

Available in size 2 3/8″.
Available in silver, copper, and painted backs.
Price listed is for one spoon.

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Fish these thin, lightweight spoons any where from just over 1 to around 3 mph. This allows you to cover larger areas at varied depths. Some variations in spoon style and color may occur.
In addition, you may find gold: here

WARNING: Any metal-based product may expose you to chemicals including nickel, lead and/or DINP.  The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment shows these products to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Spoon base/back option

Silver, Copper, Anti-freeze back, Pink-anti back, Fuchsia-anti back, Opaque Pink back

Spoon Color

Metallic Yellowtail-S1, Metallic Clown-S2, Always Horny-S3, Confusion-S4, Metallic Perch-S5, Glow Dew-S6, Huckleberry-S7, Bitter Lemons-S8, Purple Clown-S9, Natural Perch-S10, Silver/Gold-S11, Glow Watermelon-S12, Monkey Puke-S13, Green/Yellow Glow Dolphin-S14, Redhead Wonder-S15, Kevorkian-S16, Mixed Veggies-S17, Glow Halloween-S18, Reverse Muffin-S19, Glow Clown-S20, Blonde Chick-S21, Blue/Green Dolphin-S22, Wonder Bread-S23, Metallic Watermelon-S24, Lamicakes-S25, Red Clown-S26, Funky Chicken-S27, Pinkie Pie-S28, Never Aroused-S29, Pink Lemonade-S30, Purple Splash-S31, Glow Sandys Hat-S32, Shrimp-S33, Bloody Nose-S34, Chartreuse Watermelon-S35, Metallic Lemonade-S36, Brown Goby-S37, Black Shiner-S38, Glow Spoiled Veggies-S39, Red Splash-S40, Leopard-S41, White Tiger-S42, Greasy Chicken-S43, Barbie-S44, Good n Plenty-S45, Paralyzer-S46, Glow Red Ghost-S47, Mayfly-S48, Pink Panties-S49, Piston Cup-S50, Purple Freeze-S51, Antifreeze-S52, Cat/Dog-S53, I've Got Worms Green-S54, Purple/Chartreuse Combover-S55, Glow Ghost-S56, Blueberry Muffin-S57, Purple/Pink Combover-S58, I've Got Worms Orange-S59, Firetiger-S60, Maui Waui-S61, Pink w/ Envy-S62, Tutti Fruity-S63, Toucan Parrot-S64, Psycho Tiger-S65, Bass-discontinued-S66, Diggin Up Worms-S67, Purple Passion-S68, Fruit Loops-S69, Purple Wiggler UV-S70, Yellow Wiggler UV-S71, Lemonade Wiggler UV-S72, Firetiger Freckles UV-S73, Dolphin Freckles UV-S74, Cherry Freckles UV-S75, Frog Freckles UV-S76, Veggie Freckles UV-S77, Toad Freckles UV-S78, Purple Double Dutch-SN88a, Watermelon Anti-SN94, Glow Blue Bubbles-SN111, Tiger Claw-SN134a, Maui Waui SN145, Salamander-SN147, D Shiner-SN165a, Poison Koolaid-SN168, BE Emerald Shiner-SN176a, Granny Smith-SN185, Cream Sicle-SN186, Perch Anti-SN188, Bowl A Spare-SN211, Grapefruit-SN212, Barbie Doll-SN214, Dont Bug Me-SN215, Superman Anti-SN216, Hangover Pox-SN218, Pink Tiger-SN219, Kevorkian Measles-SN220, Midnight Confusion-SN222, Walleye Candy-SN223, Decepticon Leader-SN224


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