Size 4 Colorado Premium custom painted front blades
Sold in 3 count package

Perfect addition to the tackle box or selection of options to make your own
Some variations in blade style and color may occur
Pictures are for color selection only
Size 4 Colorado deep cup: here
Size 5 Colorado: here
Size 5 Colorado deep cup: here
Blade size chart: here

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WARNING: Any metal-based product may expose you to chemicals including nickel, lead and/or DINP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Dimensions N/A
Prem Custom Painted Blades

BLN15g Yellow Frog, BLN16g Brown Goby, BLN17c Dark Brown Goby, BLN18 Pastel Wonder, BLN19 Blueberry Muffin, BLN20 Tan Mayfly, BLN21 Bluegill, BLN23s Plum Passion, BLN24c Shrimp, BLN25c Kevorkian, BLN26 Natural Perch, BLN28g Ludington Claw, BLN29g Bitter Lemons Claw, BLN30g Orange Tail, BLN33s Confusion, BLN34g Confusion, BLC8c Confusion, BLN35s Monkey Puke, BLN36g Monkey Puke, BLN37s Metallic Clown, BLN38c Metallic Clown, BLN39s Red Clown, BLN43s Metallic Yellowtail, BLN46g Superman, BLN47g Red Clown, BLN48g Sunset, BLN51s PurpleClown, BLN52s Greasy Chicken, BLN53g Metallic Lemonade, BLN54s Metallic Lemonade, BLN58g Red Double Dutch, BLN59g Orange Double Dutch, BLN60g Greasy Chicken, BLN62s Purple/Chartrteuse Dolphin, BLN63s Purple Bubble Gum, BLN64s Horny Toad, BLN65 Always Horny, BLN68 Redhead Wonder, BLN69c Metallic Perch, BLN70c Chartreuse Parrot, BLN71 Reverse Muffin, BLN72g Purple/Chartreuse Dolphin, BLN73c Leopard, BLN74c Ladybug, BLN75c Bay City Bruiser, BLN76c Perch Bug, BLN77s Chartreuse Splash, BLN78s Bitter Lemons, BLN79s Orange Clown, BLN81c Purple Splash, BLN82s Purple Splash, BLN83c Barbie, BLN84s Blue Tiger, BLN85c Purple Spotted Shad, BLN86s Chartreuse Tiger, BLN87s Purple Tiger, BLN88c Purple Double Dutch, BLN89c White Tiger, BLN90s Spotted Watermelon, BLN91c Green Parrot, BLN92g Purple Double Dutch, BLN93c Blonde Chick, BLN95s Red Splash, BLN99s Purple Heaven, BLN100c Brown/Yellow Goby, BLN101s Green Clown, BLN103s Trout, BLN108c Red Splash, BLN109c Pink Panties, BLN111 Glow Blue Bubbles, BLN112s Metallic Purple Perch, BLN113 Purple Pirate, BLN114s Purple Voodoo, BLN116 Glow Purple Roadkill, BLN117s Happy Hooker, BLN118s Metallic Pink Lemonade, BLN119c Goby, BLN120s Purple Anti, BLN121s Green Goby, BLN122s Gold Mystic, BLN123s Purple Claw, BLN124s Purple Muffin, BLN125c Purple Koolaid, BLN126c Grim Reaper, BLN127g Black Double Dutch, BLN128c Solid Greasy Chicken, BLN129c Grape Ape, BLN130 Pink Claw, BLN131 Pink Squirrel, BLN132s Orange/Pink Dolphin, BLN133s Orange Anti, BLN134 Tiger Claw, BLN135c Purple Rash, BLN136c Purple Perch, BLN138c Perch Claw, BLN139c Funky Chicken, BLN140s Slippery Clown, BLN141c Mi-Hi, BLN142 Paralyzer, BLN143s Twisted Mixed Veggies, BLN144s Pearl Green Tiger, BLN145s Maui Waui, BLN146 Cat/Dog, BLN149c Bubblegum, BLN150c Tiger Anti, BLN151 Bright Wonder, BLN152c Firefly, BLN153c Boy/Girl, BLN155c Bee Claw, BLN156s Cranberry Melon, BLN157 Green Frog, BLN158s Lights Out, BLN162s Nascar, BLN163c Purple Pox, BLN164c Spoiled Raspberries, BLN165s D Shiner, BLN167 chameleon, BLN170c orange leopard, BLN171s erie shiner, BLN172 dressed to catch, BLN173c chicken pox, BLN174s unripe watermelon, BLN176 be emerald shiner, BLN178 hot muffin, BLN180 sidewinder, BLN181 electric koolaid, BLN182 pooh bear, BLN184 turkey, BLN193 bengal tiger, BLN194 black cherry, BLN195 metallic firetiger, BLN201 hot tiger, BLN202 redhead tiger, BLN205 here fishy, BLN206 super fun, BLN223 walleye candy, BLN232 pink clown, BLN238 blue clown, BLN239 purple squirrel, BLN241 buttoned up, BLN242 pearl yellowtail, BLN243 sick tiger, BLN246 purple boxers, BLN249 eye carumba, BLN250 eye-on perch, BLN251 orange panites, BLN252 purple mango, BLN253 piston cup, BLN257 lamb cakes, BLN290c Juicy Fruit, BLSH11 firetiger spotted shad, BLSH12 chartreuse spotted shad, BLSH13 pink spotted shad, BLSH14 redhead spotted shad, BLSH15 blue spotted shad, BLSH16s purple spotted shad, BLC7 watermelon, BLC17 purple/pink hangover, BLC18 seeing stars, BLC19 mayfly


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